1. What is Ground Zero Festival?
    Ground Zero Festival is Europe’s Hardest Night Festival, presenting all harder music styles. 
  2. When will Ground Zero Festival take place?
    Due to Corona Virus the festival will be postponed to 2021.
  3. Where does Ground Zero Festival take place?
    Ground Zero takes place on Recreational area Bussloo, nearby Apeldoorn.
  4. What’s the minimum age of Ground Zero Festival 2021?
    The minimum age for entering Ground Zero Festival is 18 years (at the day of the festival). Each visitor is obliged to carry a valid ID with him/her at all times. When asked for, a visitor should show his/her ID.  


  1. What kind of tickets can I buy for Ground Zero?
    You can purchase different phased tickets for Ground Zero Festival 2021 which have a different price per phase. The earlier the purchase, the higher is your advantage.
  2. Where can I buy tickets for Ground Zero?
    Tickets for Ground Zero area available at www.www.groundzerofestival.nl/en/tickets. Don’t pay too much for tickets and don’t risk your money on the black market: buy tickets only via the official Ground Zero website. 
  3. I have bought a ticket but I can’t find it anymore, now what?
    See Tickets handles the distribution of our tickets. In case you lost your ticket, please contact https://customerservice.paylogic.com/hc/nl.
  4. My ticket is stolen, now what?
    Unfortunately the organisation does not refund stolen tickets. Be careful with your tickets! 
  5. How will I receive my tickets?
    The tickets that you bought will be sent to the e-mail address that you registered to Seetickets with (e-ticket). Mobile tickets will be sent to your mobile phone. 
  6. Is it possible to scan tickets from my mobile phone?
    Yes, it is possible to scan tickets from the screen of a mobile phone. Take into account that mobile connections are not always optimal at events. Be sure to download your tickets to your phone before visiting the event.
  7. In case I have more questions about tickets, who should I contact?
    All questions concerning tickets can be asked here: https://customerservice.paylogic.com/hc/nl


  1. Is it possible to visit Ground Zero by bus?
    Yes that’s possible.  Event Travel organizes bus travel from practically any city in the Netherlands. More info here.


  1. Which artists will perform at Ground Zero?
    At this moment the line-up for Ground Zero Festival is not announced yet. In the upcoming period the artist will be announced is phases. Keep an eye out to our website and social media channels.
  2. How late will each artist perform at Ground Zero?
    The exact performance times of each artist will be announced shortly before the event via our social media channels. 
  3. Which areas will be present at Ground Zero Festival?
    There will be at least 7 areas at Ground Zero. Do you want to see the line-up of last year to get some inspiration? Visit: www.www.groundzerofestival.nl/en/line-up.


  1. At what time will the doors of Ground Zero be open?
    The doors to Ground Zero will open at 21:00. 
  2. At what time will Ground Zero end?
    Ground Zero Festival ends at 07:00. 
  3. Where can I park my car at Ground Zero?
    Information about parking can be found at: http://www.www.groundzerofestival.nl/en/festival-info/parkeren.
  4. Will there be lockers to store my personal belongings at Ground Zero?
    Yes, there will be plenty of lockers available at Ground Zero. 
  5. How do I pay for my food and drinks at Ground Zero?
    Payments will be done using tokens. These tokens can be bought at the special cash registers. 
  6. Am I allowed to make photographs at Ground Zero?
    It is allowed to bring your (digital) camera to Ground Zero. Make sure you make plenty of photos and share them using hashtag #GZ2021 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Bringing professional equipment for registering photos and videos is only allowed with press accreditation. 
  7. Am I allowed to bring food and drinks?
    No, it is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks to Ground Zero. There will be a varied offer of food and drinks on the event.
  8. Are drugs allowed at the festival?
    A ZERO TOLERANCE drug policy applies at Ground Zero Festival. Both harddrugs and softdrugs are not allowed on the festival terrain. 


  1. Performing at Ground Zero Festival
    Ground Zero will not take unwanted and/or unofficial requests for performances into account. Changes will be mentioned on the website and social media of Ground Zero.
  2. I would like to sell goods on the market area of Ground Zero, how does this work?
    The organisation of Ground Zero Festival works with a selection of external partners. When interested the organisation will contact new potential partners. For more info you can send an e-mail to info@udc.nl.


  1. I would like to be a photographer/do a report/interview at Ground Zero Festival. How does this work?
    For press info, rights and legal issues about footage, please contact UDC events at  info@udc.nl. Requests for press admission have to be turned in written. Submit your details for a press accreditation via THIS FORM.


Feel free to e-mail them to info@udc.nl.

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